【Pixel4】Network Signal guruでバンド固定するメモ

Pixel 4 ・Pixel 4 XLは共に、rootを取得するだけではNSGを使ったバンド固定が、

同様に困ったXDAのエロイ人達がDiag Portをぶち明ける方法を見つけてるようなので、


Network Signal Guru

Warning: DO NOT use "Clear Forcings" - it will currently cause you to lose LTE bands at reboot and airplane mode toggles.
1. Download the appropriate Vendor image from https://developers.google.com/android/drivers
To avoid confusion, copy the build number from the Factory Image tab and ctrl+F on the Driver Binaries tab. Make sure your correct device variant is chosen.
2. Extract the vendor.img (with Windows you can use 7-Zip, just keep opening until you get to extract-google_devices-coral.sh\extract-google_devices-coral\vendor\google_devices\coral\proprietary\, then extract the vendor.img)
3. Make sure your fastboot tools (ADB) is up to date: https://developer.android.com/studio...platform-tools
4. If already rooted with stable Magisk, open Magisk Manager, make sure Advanced Settings>Preserve AVB 2.0/dm-verity is OFF. If so, skip to #13. Canary builds may not work.
5. If you are already rooted with Canary builds, or are having bootloop issues, remove -w flag from factory image bat/sh then re-flash factory image
6. Boot into OS, install latest stable Magisk APK
7. Open Magisk Manager, make sure Advanced Settings>Preserve AVB 2.0/dm-verity is OFF
8. Patch stock boot.img
9. adb reboot-bootloader
10. fastboot flash boot <magisk_patched.img>
11. Reboot
12. Open Magisk Manager, make sure dm-verity option is still off
13. Reboot to fastboot (adb reboot-fastboot) - you should see "fastbootd" in red at the top
14. Flash the vendor.img you extracted (fastboot flash vendor location/of/vendor.img)
15. When it's finished, reboot, then Clear App Data of Network Signal Guru and launch it again
16. If you cannot boot or get a corrupted boot message, start over at #5



  1. bootloader unlock
  2. Magisk ManagerをDownload&Install (apkを入れるまで)
  3. 自分が使っているROMのFastbootイメージをダウンロード
  4. boot.imgを取り出してMagiskでPatchをあてる
  5. Patchedのboot.imgをfastbootからFlashしてrootedな環境にする
  6. 起動後、Magisk を起動し、dm-verityをオフのままであることを確認する
  7. Driver Binaries for Nexus and Pixel Devicesより自分のROMと同じバージョンのVendor imageをダウンロード・解凍し、vendor.imgを手に入れる
  8. adb reboot-fastboot でfastbootdモードで起動する
  9. fastboot flash vendor vendor.img でVendor Imageをフラッシュする
  10. fastboot reboot を実行する





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